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The One Thing You Learn About Breastfeeding Once it's Too Late

Truth is....


We all want to bond with our little bundle of joy from the moment we lay eyes on him or her, but the first few weeks are physically and emotionally draining yet crucial for your little one.  Many of us struggle with painful latching, constant nursing, cracked nipples, fussy feeders, engorged breast and plugged ducts.  We are worried out of our minds about every little thing we experience with our fragile babies, on top of that these breast challenges can cause you to stress out; leaving you feeling exhausted and frustrated with the process, to the point where you even consider giving up on breastfeeding because the pain has been way more than you could imagine.

Even more, in preparation for motherhood, you've read books and blogs, took classes, and reached out to other moms to make sure you are best prepared for this amazing journey.  You learned more about breastfeeding than you've ever known, like, the fact that being the absolute best choice for your little humans development. You've also learned, it's not just good your baby but there are amazing benefits in it for you too!  One in particular that stuck out, you can burn 300-500 calories a day, talk about a free weightloss plan...

What hit me the hardest, is how fast these calories actually burn is no joke!  It feels like life being sucked right out of you and if you don't replenish fast enough you will soon die of hunger...  What's even worse is, having that extremely hungry feeling while trying to figure out whats wrong with your crying baby, with painful latch and sore nipples...did I mention exhaustion?  Your baby is hungry you are tired and famished, wishing there was an IV of food going through your veins. You're a walking time bomb!      

Even when all goes well, nursing alone will have you: 

  • Wondering if your little one is eating enough

  • Questioning your milk supply
  • Eating whatever is in site

  • Ordering 1/2 dozen of donuts in case of emergency 

  • Waking up in the middle of the night ready to order a large pizza

  • Experience real hunger pains

  • Eating on a 2hr schedule just like your little one

  • Clueless around on what you should eat

  • Throw all your cares about healthy eating out the window


I was never told this painful ugly truth!

Knowing what I know now would've helped me manage my frustrations in between meals, while out running errands, feeding my son in a parking lot or in the middle of the night,  it would've stopping me from going for the most unhealthiest quick fix just because it was in arms reach 

A breastfeeding mom needs encouragement and as much support as possible, as this road isn't always easy.    If you've never breastfeed then you don't understand the Why's How's It is a job within a job of raising children commitsupport, encouragement  what its We know what its like and totally get it! Being a mom is awesome 

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