Confession: How breast-feeding frustrated me and almost ruined my experience as a first-time mom

The truth is we all want to bond with our little bundle of joy from the moment we lay eyes on him or her, but the first few weeks of motherhood are very hard. Many of us breastfeeding moms struggle with painful latching, constant nursing, cracked nipples, fussy feeders, engorged breast and/or plugged ducts just to list a few.

We are worried out of our minds over every little thing we experience with our fragile babies, so when these breast challenges occur we find ourselves stressed out even more. We are left feeling exhausted and frustrated with the whole process, to the point where some mothers even consider giving up on breastfeeding because the pain has been far more than advertised.

The Zombie Months—

Research indicates breastfeeding benefits both baby and mom. It is said to be the best choice for my little one plus research shows you can burn 300-500 calories a day. Although my goal is to breastfeed for at least 1 yr, I have struggled almost everyday with how fast I actually burned through these calories. It is a big deal for me because it has hit me the hardest and is no joke. It feels like life being sucked right out of me and if I don't replenish fast enough I would soon pass out from hunger.

What is even worse? The feeling of extreme hunger while trying to calm my crying baby when he was a newborn, with a painful latch on my already sore nipples all while being sleep deprived. My emotions were all over the place; my poor baby was hungry, I wasn’t sure if I’m producing enough breastmilk because he’s still crying, yet I am tired, nipples are in pain, famished, and just wish someone would come along to either feed me or start an IV of food pumping through my arms.


The bond of nursing is priceless but it does cost you something


Nursing can be absolutely wonderful but it will have you wondering if your baby has eaten enough; questioning your milk supply; eating whatever’s within arm's reach; searching the web all night for foods that may affect your little one.  My circle did an awesome job with passing along great tips but there's a handful of key information they didn't tell me and I didn't read out of a book or blog to help me successfully breastfeed.  I was not prepared enough to make it through those unbearable moments.


There are three emotionally frustrating phases I faced as a nursing mom:

  1. Anxiety from worrying if my son was getting enough milk

  2. Raging hunger that had me salivating over a whole cow every time I nursed

  3. Guilt from eating foods that cause bad gas and sleepless nights



Anxiety from worrying if my son was getting enough milk

Prior to my son being born, I had anxiety from my ability to produce enough milk, it was so bad I researched how to naturally increase my milk supply. I found an interesting recipe and made a new version of oatmeal cookies but for lactation, in case I ever needed a boost.  Boy, did they come in handy! As a new mom, it took time to learn my baby's cries.  After checking all the boxes... changed diaper, napped, fed, cuddled, play… I was left to only think that my son was still hungry or just wants to nurse for comfort.  After the initial 30 min feeding, I began to wonder if there's any milk left after an additional 15mins totaling 45mins of nursing.  I felt like this many times, wondering if I was producing enough milk to get through every 2 hour feedings. So my new lactation cookie recipe was just the thing I needed to get things flowing again and rebuild my confidence that he was getting plenty.



Raging hunger that caused me to curse out my husband over food during every feeding

If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve known that advanced meal prep is great for those times I didn’t feel like cooking, but in actuality it wasn’t helpful when I needed something right away, faster than any microwave can provide. I needed the perfect handy snack to magically appear like a genie and there was nothing in sight, not a crumb in the nursery or on the night stand, diaper bag or purse, glove compartment or trunk, to help me manage my unbearable hunger in between meals or in the middle of the night, while out running errands or feeding my son in the back seat of the car in the parking lot. When your baby is hungry you have to feed them wherever you are but it won’t stop the hunger. Then, every time, I’d discover my husband has eaten the rest of the snacks but now I’m too tired to go grocery shopping to replenish. Having that handy snack would've stopping me from rummaging around going for an unhealthy quick fix to later feeling guilty because my son was badly impacted with gas just because it was convenient.



Guilt from eating foods that led to bad gas and sleepless nights

Although I’ve been dairy and gluten free for a while, during pregnancy and after my son was born I couldn’t get enough of ice cream, cheese and breads.  I brought so much dairy back into my diet because certain foods were just convenient that it began to affect my son with extreme gas.  Yes passing gas is normal for babies, but I felt my son had it really bad especially at night making him uncomfortable while sleeping, which meant Gripe Water or Mycolin and NO sleep.  Since I threw my clean eating habits out the window, things were showing up in how I began to feel and in certain ways impacting my son.  The convenience of certain foods had compromised both my son and me.  Once I began to bring back my healthier eating habits by eliminating dairy, gluten, soy, wheat and refined products I began to feel better and, like myself again.  More importantly the problems I thought my son was developing just completely went away.


A bond within arms reach

These problems were frustrating and almost drove me crazy, until I decided to work really hard at solving the anxiety from my low milk supply, the raging hunger during nursing sessions and the guilt from eating certain foods that affected my son.   It became extremely important to me because other moms struggled with similar problems and were searching for help.  The solution I came up with was having snacks I can rely on to always be there when I needed them the most. These snacks were for my pleasure or in case of an emergency to keep within arm's reach.

They were not for my husband or anyone else, but for my very own personal stash. I searched for unique items and brands I could trust and feel good about, because it was extremely important for them to not be any old snacks but it was required for them to be healthier than usual, delicious and packed with plenty of nutritional benefits.  I found the perfect snacks that would boost my energy and give me the confidence I needed so that my baby wouldn’t suffer from unhealthy foods that I ate.  These specialty goodies range from being free from dairy, soy, gluten, wheat and of course artificial ingredients. In addition, these snacks added plenty of superfoods such as oatmeal, apricots, ginger, quinoa, figs, chia, flax and sesame seeds producing optimum nutrition for me while complementing my milk supply.  


A Delivery.
Once Per month.

From my experience as a nursing mom and holistic health coach, I want to provide as much support as I possibly can to other nursing moms with similar challenges.  Therefore, after gathering everything I learned from the many  months of research, I created “Mamma Munchies.” A subscription box catering specifically to moms who nurse. 

So, if you meet the following criteria:

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Pumping
  • Always On-the-Go
  • Staying at Home
  • Returning to Work
  • Working from Home
  • Juggling Kids
  • Health Conscious

Then this box is right for you. We know you will never forget to take care of your baby, but it’s highly likely you may forget to take care of yourself.  You can put your trust in Mamma Munchies that we will never forget about you. We’ve been there and we fully understand what it’s like every step of the way .  


  • 12-15 Nursing Friendly Snacks
  • Mix of Organic and All Natural
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • A variety of products FREE from :
    • Gluten
    • Soy
    • Dairy
    • GMO's
  • Surprise Gift



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